A 50 years’ company experience

Borned in 1967 with the name of OMC Snc and created by Dante Cavalli, the company orinally handled mechanical transmission gears.

In 2010, it changed its name to ComInTec® and started to take advantage of its knowledge to propose the best solutions through the particular manifacture and design of:
power transmission components, torque limiters, safety coupling, backlash free torque limiters, elastic couplings, disc couplings, backlash free couplings, variable speed pulleys, expanding pulleys, shaft collars and clamp collars.

«We handle high quality components which play a key-role in the production of mechanical transmission machines and automatic machines.
These pieces allow us to connect transmissions, to be aware of accidental wastes, to reduce time stoppage machines, to increase the production and to reduce the costs of reparation and maintenance.»

A lot of companies choose ComInTec, looking for their best sector solutions.

> Packaging  > Bottling  > Labelling  > Conveyors  > Machin tools  > Servo drive system
> Marine engineering  > Pump compressor  > Transportation system  > Heavy Industry  > Printing
> Paper machinery  > Aerospace industry  > Wood working  > Door System  > Solar industry

Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001-2015


Since 1967 our business philosophy has been concerned on the production of high quality components, focusing on the entire productive process.

Custom Made in Italy

Our designs and inner productions guarantee a great suppleness in the product customisation and the possibility to modulate our components.

Sales network

We offer a reseller network in italian, english, german and french language. Our staff organize the system with periodical updating courses to ensure the custumer.


We guarantee punctuality in consignment and distribution, sending a 24 hours order confirmation and letting you know the depot avaiability of our regular products.

Technical assistance

Our technical department ensure a high quality comunication and an updated information taking advantage of the best communication channels.