Gear coupling - Coupling


> Hubs made in steel fully turned with standard treatment of phosphating.
> Polyamide sleeve.
> Statically balanced.
> Maintenance and lubrication free.
> Compact and simple to be assembled.
> Vibrations dampening.

On request

> Various hub connection type available.
> Version with sleeve in steel, circlip and seals.
> Version with sleeve directly integrated in one hub.
> Specific surface treatments possible.

Description of the sleeve

The standard sleeve is made in polyamide 6.6 stabilized resin and its properties are as follows:

> Resistant to all common lubricants and hydraulic fluids.
> Suitable to operate in a continuous way on temperatures from -25°C up to 90°C and for short periods up to 125°C.
> Optimum sliding properties.
> High insulating capacities.
> Optimum mechanical properties.


It is important to consider that misalignments, axial, angular and parallel, must be considered paired together, as inversely proportional (one reduces when the other increases).

If all types of misalignments occur then it is necessary that the sum in percentage respect to the maximum value doesn’t exceed 100%.


Specific procedures to assemble this coupling are not required.

1) Achieve radial and axial alignment as precisely as possible to have the maximum absorption of possible misalignments and longer life of the coupling.
2) Having pre-assembled the coupling, insert the external half-hub on one shaft. Check that the external parts of the two shafts don’t exceed the relevant half-hub’s surface (quote “N”) and fix this one to the shaft with its relevant fixing system.
3) Insert the sleeve on the two half-hubs being careful to respect the distance of the same half-hubs, quote “P” on the catalogue.
4) Before starting transmission be sure that the sleeve can move freely.